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timbrel Videos
Timbrel Praise: Basic Tambourine Steps
A clip demonstrating the basic tambourine foundation steps taken from the Timbrel Praise: Basic Tambourine course video. Included are a demonstration of each step, the symbol of each step...
Timbrel Demonstration: "Daniel"
2012 The Salvation Army Western Territory Choreography by Margaret Arnold
What Is This?!? Asaph & The Timbrel!!
Asaph, the great Choir Director, Psalmist & Seer in the courts of Kings David, Solomon, and Hezekiah, spoke in many more ways than just through his re-known 83rd Psalm!! So, get your instruments..
Double Take - Britain's Got Talent 2010 - Auditions Week 1
Britain's Got Talent: Candy and Cat, a housewife and an Avon lady attempt to share their love of the Timbrel with the audience. Sadly, Simon's pretty convinced it's a Tambourine... See more...
London Citadel Timbrels - Centennial Hall 2013
Salvation Army Festival of Carols 2013.
Let's Play Dragon Quest VIII #124 Timbrel of Tension
In this episode we obtain some nook grass and get one of the best items in the game through alchemy. Thanks for watching!!
Timbrel Drill
Easter Morning Salvation Army Timbrel Drill with funny incident!
Timbrel & Dance presented by Bible Way Baptist Church
Bible Way Baptist Church is back for their annual spring musical, this year themed Timbrel & Dance. The big event will take place at Bible Way's current location(7800 Groby Rd, Univeristy City,...
THE CANDLE - Tambourine Instructional Video {Timbrel Praise}
A video teaching you how to play the "CANDLE", taken from the Timbrel Praise: Basic Tambourine course video. This is the fourth movement of the "Easy Eight" and is made up entirely of "Shake...
The Salvation Army Launceston, Timbrel Brigade
Launceston Timbrel Brigade perform at the Salvation Army commissioning weekend, December, 2010. Traditional Salvationists;
Dragon Quest VIII how to make the first timbrel of tension
you can finde Magic beast hide in Trodain, you can finde Saint's Ashes in Dark Ruins, you can buy Tough guy tattoo at the Bazaar in Argonia.
'Goldcrest' Timbrel Drill: Divisional Youth Band & Lights Up! 2013
Lights Up! shares a timbrel drill to 'Goldcrest' played by the Divisional Youth Band. to kick out the Corp Cadet Graduation at Youth Councils 2013. :) Lights Up! is the Divisional Youth Creative...
Timbrel and Dance
This is my first handbell concert, OLGC Adult Handbell Choir.
BANG {Timbrel Praise Tambourine Step}
The Bang An instructional video showing you how to play the "Bang", which is a tambourine step used in the Timbrel Praise tambourine style of playing the tambourine.
Star Search 2010 Timbrel Brigade competition-San Juan Central Temple
Salvation Army SanJuan Central Temple Timbrels Brigade, winners of the 2nd place at Star Search 2010.
Sing Praises To YAHWEH With The Timbrel
Brother Joshua and Tshuwah Community Choir sings Sing Praises To YAHWEH With The Timbrel at Victory Community in front of YAHWEH's Congregation. For more free music visit us at ...
Timbrel and Dance
By: Kevin McChesney Performed by the Westlake United Methodist Church Sanctuary Bells October 26, 2014 Sonja Roebuck, directing.
Timbrel and Dance played on hand-bells
TIMBREL DISPLAY by Texas Salvation Army (USA) in Newcastle
Texas Youth Brass while touring Great Britain gave a display at the Newcastle College for Art & Technology Some of the City's school children were transported in to enjoy this good SA experience..